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Letter To The Editors Of The Plain Dealer And News Media in Cleveland

“Common Sense?” Really? ©

The Fort Hood and Washington Naval Yard shootings revealed that even “gun free” military installations have insufficient security to protect the defenseless. The Naval Yard shooting also revealed that television networks have a real problem with the truth at times. The networks first reported that an “assault weapon” had been brought to the Naval Yard. The shooter, Aaron Alexis, used a pump action shotgun and may have actually heeded the advice of our Vice-President. His mental condition had been deteriorating for some time and yet he managed to pass a NICS check for the purchase of a shotgun. This revealed that 100% NICS checks would not have made any difference and it is impossible to identify all individuals who can become homicidal before they are homicidal.

Yet I hear rumblings that the Senate may soon resurrect S.649 Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013. Since there is a very high probability that you may have never actually read this proposed “common sense” legislation that you say is supported by 90% of the population, here is a link to the website so that you can read it now.

This defective legislation would not be capable of reducing violent crime and is really the last logical step before attempting to justify firearm registration. The devil is in the details. S.649 depends upon the false premise that everyone will follow the law today to avoid onerous punishment tomorrow. In reality, this bill has no mechanism to be effective in preventing firearm transfers to the truly dangerous.

Here are most of the defects built into S.649 that has been “temporarily” pulled from the Senate:

1. Many resulting prosecutions for trafficking would be based upon the term “should have known” which allows abusive prosecutions that would induce unjust plea-bargaining for those who had no mal-intent. Given the overly severe penalties imposed by this bill, there would be many incidents of gross injustice sending a message to dissuade firearm ownership.

2. It provides no improvements for the correction of “false negatives”. It will result in legal difficulty for law-abiding people who have identity problems with NICS or have reversed verdicts but cannot get their records expunged due to incompetent law enforcement that does not attempt to correct individual NICS records.

3. It provides no remedies for reinstatement where a protection order based upon bogus charges is dismissed.

4. It relies upon onerous penalties for non-compliance after the fact and does not physically prevent “illegal transfers.” It could only have real accuracy in prosecutions on firearm transfers with serial numbers generated after passage.

5. It could result in a denial of rights to anyone prescribed any kind of drug deemed applicable to any kind of brain related condition.

6. It will give doctors with an agenda immense and unchecked power to disqualify any of their patients without due process.

7. It does not define how individual citizens are to report lost or stolen firearms directly to the U.S. Attorney General as this bill requires in such a way that avoids erroneous prosecutions.

8. It will provide financial incentives to all of the States to maximize their percentage of disqualifying reports to NICS without incentives for error correction. It does not provide a defined means of establishing a base for that percentage which will be then be estimated somehow by the U.S. Attorney General who may have an agenda.

9. It does nothing to address the feral black male “gangsta” subculture where less than 3% of the population inflicts about 50% of all murders in this country on the 13.6% of the population that is black. Most of these annual 5,000 “low profile” murders every year are the result of arguments and not drugs or gangs. The black murder rate with or without guns is 6.4 times higher than the non-black murder rate. Our urban black communities are being terrorized by a violent feral “gangsta” culture that is intolerant of any disrespect. Any acknowledgement of the true nature of this ongoing tragedy by the Democrat media and Democrat politicians is prevented by their fear of reactionary black racism and nauseating political correctness. They prefer to blame guns in support of their goal of civilian disarmament. If the black murder rate equaled the non-black murder rate we could save about 4,000 black lives every year. And yet breaking the feral cycle of this violent “gangsta” culture is not a priority of a Democratic Party that purports to represent blacks.

10. S.649 does nothing to utilize about nine million concealed carry license holders to provide instant deterrence in high profile areas that are now insanely posted as “gun free” killing zones. More than one in every 27 adults now has a concealed carry license compared to one in every 2000 citizens being an on-duty cop. With the exception of Tucson, every one of the “high profile mass shootings” in schools, colleges, theaters, and military installations demonstrated the ineffectiveness of gun control in the form of “gun free zones.” Contrary to the ignorant and mal-intended arguments by “gunophobic” Democrats, it would not be too difficult to use a small laser aimed handgun to blow the demented brains out of an active shooter.

Every moral person wants to reduce violence against the innocent. However the people behind S.649 are not morally driven. They see the designed in potential for abuse of liberty by S.649 as another advancing step in abrogating the Second Amendment that they believe is a Constitutional error. Liberty to them is not as important as perceived safety. Unfortunately, without broad civilian deterrence and with only one on duty cop for every 2000 of us, safety for all of us would be greatly reduced.

S.649 is really designed to fail in stopping the most dangerous firearm transfers. As such it is a logical trap that sets the stage for an eventual registry. The FBI has already stated that requiring 100% background checks would reduce firearm violence only if we physically control all transfers using 100 % firearm registration and create an inventory all 300 million+ firearms within our borders by make and serial number linking them with the over 100 million legal owners. So when you in the media color the news and claim that 90% of the population wants 100% NICS checks, you know that this bogus number is the result of asking only the first half of the real question. Couple 100% NICS checks with the necessary 100% firearm registration and the percentage wanting 100% NICS checks will drop drastically.

And when you in the media color the news and claim that all firearm transactions at gun shows, that account for only about 1.7% of firearm crime, are done without NICS checks you are either embarrassingly ignorant or unabashedly lying since the majority of the gun show transfers are conducted with NICS checks through FFL’s.

And here is a real danger. Only absolute naivety would discount the massive mistrust and fear of the Federal Government among firearm owners who are now buying firearms and ammunition at a rate that is outstripping all supply. I do not believe that a firearm registration rate above 40% would ever be possible. It would not take many break-ins, confiscations, and arrests to ignite a firestorm of mobilized militias to fight back within many States. This could lead to large-scale civil disobedience, violence, and corruption that would not bode well for the stability of our democracy. Given the NSA intrusion into private communications, the Federal Government now has the capability of becoming totally tyrannical. This is the true reality that “gunophobics” fail to understand. And perhaps this is why Homeland Security appears to be arming itself to the teeth.

I received e-mails from Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz stating the Democratic Party position of supporting the President in his effort to enact “common sense” gun laws to reduce gun violence in this country. This is despite the fact that gun violence has been decreasing significantly since 1992 simultaneously with the increase in concealed carry, more civilian firearms, and longer prison terms. Concealed carry is never given any credit by the media because it goes against an obvious Democrat agenda of civilian disarmament. None of the “common sense” gun laws that Debbie, or the President wants, or those that have been enacted by urban Democrats in Colorado, New York, Connecticut, or Maryland would have prevented the slaughter at Sandy Hook. Magazine capacity limitations on semi-automatic weapons does not protect the absolutely defenseless. Most semi-automatic ARmalite or AK style rifles are not high power rifles and handguns are just as fast and lethal. But, in reality, all of this is irrelevant because school safety is not the real objective of S.649 or for the recent opportunistic Democrat State bans on semi-automatic rifles and magazines.

“Common sense” is a dangerous fictional concept called upon mostly by obtuse Democrats without due diligence to demean opposing opinions. Like Prohibition and Gun Control, it often results in simplistic solutions with disastrous unintended consequences. So…. until the murderous cycle of feral black males is acknowledged and condemned by Democrats and in homage to Jonathan Swift, here is my “common sense” “Modest Proposal” in answer to S.649.

“Common sense” truly dictates that if the majority of Democrats do not want civilian ownership of firearms and most blacks are Democrats, we would save a lot of lives by enacting “common sense” gun laws that would absolutely prohibit the possession of firearms by all Democrats. And it would also be “common sense” that they should all be very happy about being granted such a special prohibition. Obviously, implementation of this ”common sense” “modest proposal” would be about as ineffective as S.649 but it would contain a whole lot more justice and it would make me feel a whole lot better.

This letter to the editors is copyrighted and if printed must be printed in its entirety without editing.