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The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence has always vehemently objected to concealed carry and has consistently worked to prevent it. This fact alone proves that the Brady Campaign does not trust civilians with firearms and that the self-defense rights of peaceful citizens are not as important to Brady as preventing all civilians from possessing and carrying firearms. The Brady Campaign would condone more violence against unarmed peaceful citizens in an effort to achieve its misdirected and impossible goal of disarming all civilians. The difference between ignorance and stupidity is choice. The Brady Campaign stupidly believes that total civilian disarmament is possible without creating the corruption and oppression of a police state. A more honest name for this counterproductive organization is The Brady Campaign To Eliminate The Civilian Ownership Of Firearms. If the Brady Campaign were truly serious about reducing firearm violence, it would help champion the reversal of the social degeneration that drives much of this violence.

The Brady Campaign fought against the instant background check system that the NRA pushed to include in the so-called "Brady Bill. " The Brady Campaign's goal was to permanently delay all retail firearms purchases by five or more days just to make firearms purchases more difficult for the law abiding. The instant background check eliminated the five day waiting period. Now the Brady Campaign uses every opportunity to take credit for the instant background check system and wants to apply it to all private firearm transactions so that family members could be prosecuted for giving a firearm to another family member without going through a federally licensed dealer. The problem is that criminals seldom try to buy firearms through a licensed dealer and when they do they are never prosecuted for attempting to acquire a firearm that is illegal for them to own. That is how gun control has historically functioned within corrupt governments... the peaceful law abiding are criminalized and the true criminals are given a pass.

The people at the Brady Campaign are well known to consistently misrepresent and exaggerate and must be totally disregarded on every bogus issue that they fabricate. These fabricated issues include the exaggeration that concealed carry in National Parks will allow AK-47's to be carried in all of the parks and that semi-automatic rifles from the U.S. are the main reason that the drug cartels are so dangerous in Mexico. These absurd exaggerations prove that the Brady Campaign is a devious, deceitful, and untrustworthy impostor on issues of public safety. They believe that all means are justified to achieve their goal of civilian disarmament. They ignore any facts that support the civilian use of firearms and they pretend to be objective while preying on the emotions and ignorance of those who have no experience with firearms.  Like the media, they use the First Amendment to denigrate the Second.  This is unfortunate because their dishonesty precludes any possibility of a meaningful dialogue on keeping guns out of the wrong hands. To this stupid organization all civilian hands are the wrong hands. They are truly wolves in sheep's clothing and everything they profess rings hollow. Their perverted "Common Sense" will always lead, ultimately, to the total abrogation of the Second Amendment.

A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.
Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. – John Adams



From the gunophobic perverted minds of the Brady Campaign, there will always be a call for increasing restrictions on private citizen gun ownership. For Brady, there is no such thing as too many restrictions. Brady may not even be content when it is impossible for citizens to keep and bear arms. They may want to outlaw all sharp pointy things too.  Brady blatantly lies when they claim that the majority of NRA members agree with the their goals and that none of their recommended restrictions would impede law-abiding citizens from owning firearms.  Their proposed restrictions in effect call for the complete control of who can have guns by progressively restricting the rights of many citizens.  They call for limiting how private citizens may obtain guns to registered transfers only. They call for progressively limiting the kinds of guns private citizens can have.  And they call for requiring the government to maintain records on every gun that every citizen has so that the government can exercise the ultimate control of confiscation.   The proposed restrictions also call for the misuse of non-statistically reliable tracing information to sue the private gun industry out of existence to make guns totally unavailable.  Just like Communists and Islamists, the perverted Brady Campaign will always justify the means to the end.  Their primary means are lies and deception. No matter how difficult they would make it for private citizens to keep and bear arms, they would take advantage of every misuse of a gun to call for more restrictions.  Proving that the ultimate end game of the Brady Campaign is to make all firearms illegal or impossible to obtain by citizens.  A recent Brady news release called for the following restrictions as starters in their quest for total civilian disarmament.