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The ORCO Sportsman's Association is in Geneva Township in Northeast Ohio. The Association consists of about 300 men and women from all walks of life who enjoy competitive and recreational shooting and the camaraderie that it affords. Association members include active duty and retired police men and women. The Association owns a ten point 50 foot indoor shooting range and 50, 100, and 200 yard outdoor shooting ranges on about 100 acres of land. Its mission is to promote firearms safety, education, marksmenship, and sportsmanship. All members belong to the National Rifle Association and support the individual right to keep and bear arms for competitive shooting, recreational shooting, hunting, and for self-defense. This is a members only club and the ranges are open to members and guests only. However, some events are announced locally as open to the public. The initiation fee is $100 and annual dues are $195. If you wish to join but do not know any members, you should attend events without bringing firearms and get to know the members. All events are scheduled on the calendar.

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2016 O.R.C.O. Outdoor Fun Matches


We have been getting questions from members about why the range is not open yet and when it will be open. CEI missed their delivery date for 3-phase electric service by nearly 2 weeks which in turn delayed the electrical and mechanical contractors. While we are very close to done, there are a few things left on our punch list to complete and the laminar air flow still needs final balancing. A Laminar Air Flow system is markedly different and more difficult to achieve than traditional residential and commercial HVAC. It has to be custom designed and balanced to the specific space and each instillation is uniquely different. While we want the range open as soon as possible, it is more important that everything be completed according to contract before we make final acceptance of the project.

I have been asked if the range could be used while these final steps are being worked on by the contractors. My answer is no. The main reason for this project was the health and safety of our members. To let folks use the range before it is completed as agreed would not meet that important health and safety objective. Also, to allow use the range before we formally accept the project could be construed as tacit acceptance.

Given the current state of the ventilation and that the final repairs to the turning targets will be completed today (9/18/2016), we felt we could squeeze Steak & Beans into the next two weeks. We proposed the three matches be held on 9/26. 9/29 and 10/3 with make-up night on 10/6. Mark Hansen and John Knack decided there will be no Steak & Beans this year. Here is Marks response to our proposal:

“We have gone over this ground before. John Knack and I feel without proper notice and trying to jam a 4 week program into a couple of weeks is not conducive to safety or a positive experience.
Before Steak & Beans we conduct a clinic for new bulls-eye shooters. This is for safety and so participants can familiarize themselves with the course of fire and feel comfortable shooting in match conditions. (It is my understanding the executive officer approves range use, rules and scheduling of matches.) “

Here is the text of our offer to use the range for Steak & Beans:

“The indoor range is at a point where we can use it for S&B. We will open the range for S&B and CCPL but not for general member use yet. Even though the air flow is not what it should be, it is better than before we started and .22’s don’t foul the air as much as larger calibers. We want nothing to prevent contractor access to the range until it is up to full standard. We also don’t want people traveling to the range only to find it unavailable nor do we want shooters interfering with or “supervising” the contractor when they are on site. Trying to post range closures at a moment’s notice would be impossible to manage therefor the best course of action is to keep the range closed to general use until further notice.
Please give me the S&B schedule ASAP so we can pass it along to the contractor to prevent conflicts.”

The specific dates shown above were proposed in an earlier email to Mark.

Range Ventilation Update

Ashtabula County Wildlife Conservation League: ORCO is a member of ACWCL, please see the attached newsletter

Ashtabula County Wildlife Conservation League Newsletter

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